Cole Carriers Corp provides a complete integrated supply chain management system specializing in handling and transporting for the steel, aluminum and automotive industries. Providing Heavy Haul services in Ontario, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to be in partnership with every employee and contractor and to be the leading provider of high quality transportation services through continuous innovation and improvement, excellence in quality transportation services through continuous innovation and improvement, excellence in quality customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy

At Cole Carriers, we believe that customer satisfaction through our employees is the foundation of our success.

We will continue to improve our understanding of our customers.

We will meet those needs through continual improvement of our quality system.

Continually place our customers’ needs ahead of our own
On-time delivery
Leading the industry in outstanding safety record
Effective use of equipment to maximize service.

Expertise / Experience

At Cole Integrated Systems, we understand the material movement and materials handling issues in the steel and automotive industries.  Our 30 years of experience have made us a premier supplier to Canada's largest steel sector.

We are equally capable of serving points within Ontario and the northeastern United States.  FAST Card approved status assures efficient border crossings.

Best practices ensure we meet the highest quality and reliability standards.


Our web-based GPS system, coupled with automated dispatching, means customers can track shipments in real time for efficient inventory management.  The integration of these systems allows us to provide our customers with timely and accurate billings in formats that meet their requirements.


Dedicated Fleet

Our specialized transport fleet, based in terminals in Hamilton, Pickering, and Windsor, Ontario, consists of late model equipment designed and equipped for a variety of heavy haul applications.  Vehicle Inspection Status ensures fast and reliable fleet maintenance. 

Skilled Workforce

Cole employees and contracted owner operators are trained in handling loads specific to the metal and automotive industries to ensure safe and dependable handling and transport.  Our proactive training programs are ongoing.


At Cole we are dedicated to providing customized solutions that meet specific customer needs.  We understand the integrated supply chain management process and are able to apply our knowledge and expertise for any customer who requires handling and movement of metals and industrial products.

Our specialized fleet is designed and equipped for a variety of heavy haul applications.